conversion prosThe Conversion Pros is a lead generation tool that online business owners use to grow their business. If you cannot get people to your website, then your business will dry up and die. Old school marketers will ask you to create a list of everybody you know. Everybody you’ve ever worked with, and everybody you went to school with. Then start calling them one by one. This is how people end up in the NFL club, also known as the No Friends Left club.

After much frustration, people cave in and quit. There is an alternative way to get people to your website, and that’s what The Conversion Pros offer. They provide you with lead capture pages that you can customize. It also includes a built in autoresponder so you can keep in touch with your opt-ins.

The greatest different between these systems is the compensation plan. Watch the video below to learn more about our accelerated leverage compensation plan.

When you put TCP side by side with The Power Lead System, there really is no comparison. They both offer lead capture pages and a built in autoresponder. That’s pretty much where the similarities end.

The Power Lead System is more polished and upscaled, where as TCP has sales pages that look a bit dated and generic. At TCP, the most you will ever earn is $25 per signups. At The Power Lead System, you will get paid in multiple ways.

Commissions are paid out as follows:

  • Lead Lightning – $6.00 each sale
  • Silver Member – $15.00 a month
  • Gold Member – $20.00 a month
  • Diamond Member = $100 each sale
  • Platinum Member = $400 each sale
  • Master Traffic Institute – $1,000 each sale
  • 50% Matching Bonus on all referrals

As you can see, there’s a level where everybody can get started. We even have a Free Lead System that people can join for free. Then work their way up to any level they choose.

Training at The Conversion Pros consist primarily of working leads. They provide leads for all their members at a very affordable price. Once you order the leads, they will be uploaded into your contact manager.  If you don’t mind being on the phone to call a bunch of leads, then TCP will be a better fit for you.

Power Lead System offers a weekly overview for all your leads every Wednesday night. Every Thursday night we offer training for all members and perspective members. Our team has invited prospects to these weekly meetings and the presenter has literally closed the leads for us. We also offer video postcards that can be emailed to your lists so they can see you face to face.

There is way too many benefits to lists on this blog. I suggest that you click the link below and take it for a free 7 day test drive. Find out for yourself how amazing this system truly is.

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