Every business needs a domain whether you’re running an online business or an offline business. An online presence is crucial to the success of your business because people turn to the internet for everything. Without a domain name, potential visitors will not be able to find you.

domain name

Choosing A Domain Name

Before you can setup a domain, you must be a Power Lead System member first. Click the button above to join, then come back to this video to follow the remaining steps.

There are multiple strategies to follow when it comes to choosing your domain name. Since I want to focus on branding myself, I decided to go with www.PartnerWithAdrianne.com. This domain is unique and it puts the focus on me as a person. This is how I want visitors to find me, remember me, share and identify me online.

You can build your domain around the main theme of your website. If you website is going to be about making money from home, you can choose a domain called MakeMoneyWithJack. If you will be selling digital products that can be downloaded instantly, you can choose a domain called JacksDigitalDownloads. You get the idea, right?

Register Your Domain Name

Your website establishes your online credibility. Therefore, private registration is encouraged to keep unsolicited e-mails and phone calls at bay. Registering a domain without private registration will make your information accessible to the public and you can become a likely target of companies sending unsolicited mail, emails and phone calls.

Now that you have chosen a domain name, it’s time to start building your website. If your pages will provide professional services or an online store, it’s a good idea to include multimedia or videos on some of your pages. If you will be taking orders, consider adding some eCommerce capabilities so you can process payments as well.

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