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If you’re tired of wasting your time and money online, let me show you how you can receive unlimited commissions, paid to you every single week.

Here’s How It Works: Before you can set up your sales funnel, you will need to become a Power Lead System member.  All members will have access to a powerful marketing toolbox. We help network marketers, top-tier marketers, affiliate marketers and internet entrepreneurs get more traffic, more leads, and more profits.

No more pills, potions, and lotions. You get turn-key marketing tools and training needed by serious marketers and home business owners worldwide.

In addition, this marketing toolbox includes stunning lead capture pages that you can customize for any product or service you choose. If you want jaw-dropping lead capture pages with full motion video backgrounds, you can have that too. As a result, these pages will stop your visitors in their tracks, and get them opting in immediately.

Additional Tools To Help You Make Money Online

Also, this system includes a full autoresponder with ready-to-go followup email campaigns, google hangout pages, traffic training and everything you see below:

  1. Video Postcards
  2. Endless Free Leads Course
  3. Free Ad Secrets Course
  4. Master Traffic Academy
  5. Social Profits Academy
  6. Sales Funnels
  7. Solo Ad Sources
  8. Ad Tracking

As you can guess, everyone with an online business need these marketing tools. They help you get the traffic and leads you must have to start making real money online. Our training courses teach you how to share this system with everyone who is serious about growing their online income.

How Much Money Will You Be Paid?

Every new referral is a new income stream that pays you $20 bucks a month. Each time your system recruits a new member, your income goes up by $20 a month. If you signup 10 – 20 new members, you will earn $200 – $400 dollars a month in passive residual income.

In addition to the commissions above, you will also be paid a 50% matching bonus from everyone you refer.  For example, if your personal members earn $1,000 a month, your commission will be $500 a month simply because you referred them. Each time your referrals purchase the Free Ad Secrets course, you will earn $100. Also, when they purchase the Social Profit Academy, you will earn $400 commissions.

So, if you can copy and paste a link, you can make money while you sleep. As you use these turnkey marketing tools and share them with other people, the system will do the rest. Don’t miss out. Grab your system and start earning today!

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