applesEver heard the saying “An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away?” This is more than just some old wives’ tales.  Research has proven that apples are a commonly overlooked super food. They not only taste great, but they protect the body from nuclear fallout. For starters, they kill a wide range of cancers, and as an added bonus, they keep the arteries clear.

Doctors have a way of introducing a battery of test, followed by drugs and interventions. However, there are always adverse risks that comes with these methods. So what do you do? Well, an ounce of prevention is definitely worth more than a pound of a doctors so-called cure.

Benefits Of Apples

According to research, there are medicinal properties in apples that are well-documented within biomedical journals. Here are some studies that’s been done to show how apple consumption reduces the risk of colorectal cancer.

  • Breast Cancer: apples have been found to prevent and suppress mammary cancers
  • Drug Resistant Cancer: carotenoids extracted from apples inhibit drug resistant cancer cells
  • Esophageal Cancer: An apple derived procyanidin suppresses cancer of the esophagus
  • Liver Cancer: apple juice, apple pectin, and apple peel has been confirmed to kill liver cancer
  • Stomach Cancer: apples inhibits the main infectious agent linked to ulcers and gastric cancer. It actually induces programmed cell death within stomach cancer cells.

Apples Have Anti-Tumor Properties

Regardless of which part of the apple was studied, it was noted to have anti-tumor properties. For example, apple cider vinegar was found to contain an anti-tumor compound which results from the acetic acid fermentative process known as alpha-glycan.

I like to mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 12 oz of apple juice. I also add a teaspoon or two of fresh lemon juice, and it makes a wonderful drink before bed. I’m a very light sleeper but this drink makes me sleep like a baby!

Want a Healthy Heart & Loose Weight?

Due to poor diet and lifestyle choices, high cholesterol can easily become an issue. Preclinical research indicates that there are compounds within the apple which prevent the formation of plaque within the arteries. What a delicious way to get heart healthy.

Another benefit of the apple was proven in a human study.  It found significant weight loss associated with a daily intake of 3 apples or 3 pears among overweight women.  The list of evidence-based therapeutic properties of apples is rather extensive.  This tells us how important whole foods are to our overall well being.

Even though apples are not medicine, they are a wonderful way to nourish and detox the body. It’s a way to prevent and treat disease. The next time you bite into a fresh, organic apple, consider all that it has to offer. Enjoy!