affiliate marketing to make money on the internetToday, I am writing a review about AffiloBlueprint, which is the infamous step by step guide to creating affiliate marketing websites. It was created by Mark Ling, who is an 8-figure millionaire affiliate.

Product Name:   AffiloBlueprint
Creator:                Mark Ling
Price:                     $197 one-time
Recommend:       Yes

I was visiting the warrior forum because I was in search of an affiliate marketing course.  The members at WF gave high praises to the Affiloblueprint, so I decided to give it a shot.

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Video Training Made Easy

AffiloBlueprint is exactly what it says it is – a blueprint. This is a step by step “how to” course that will teach you how to build simple websites that make money.  You will begin your video training with 12 lessons.

Each lesson has multiple videos that go in dept about the topic. The videos range from 10 to 20 minutes each, so it’s pretty easy to get straight to the point and not waste your time.

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At the end of each lesson is homework assignments to keep you on track. Also included is a transcription of the video in the event you would rather read through the lesson instead of watching the video training.

Mark Ling keeps the course up to date with new affiliate marketing ideas without charging any extra upgrade fees.

How To Get The Most Out Of AffiloBlueprint

As I was going through the video training, I keep a journal of my promotion tasks to keep me accountable. When I earned my first commission check, I looked in my journal to see what I did to make money. Then I just rinsed and repeated my efforts.

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Here is a sample schedule of what I did to earn my first commission check:

  • Monday – write a review of one of Affilorama’s products
  • Tuesday – send a soft-sell email to your subscribers if you have any
  • Wednesday – write a blog post using free article packs
  • Thursday – take the day off
  •  Friday – send an email to your subscribers about your progress for the week
  • Saturday – create a YouTube video about an Affilorama product
  • Sunday – take the day off

As long as you follow the video training about how to properly optimize your blog posts, videos, and reviews, you should earn your first commission check within 3 to 4 weeks.  If you’ve ever been confused about how to make money, then follow this blueprint. This one lesson alone is worth the cost of the course.

At the end of the course, you will have gone through over 120+ training videos, and you’ll have a finished website, along with some amazing traffic too!

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