Do You Need A Plug-N-Play Marketing System?

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It amazes me that there are still online businesses all over the internet that do not offer a marketing system to their members. What are they thinking? A great looking capture page is a MUST in today’s market place. Visitors who opt-in to your offer are available for you to contact on a regular basis. When you do not have a capture page, your only option is to send people to your sales page where they can take a look and move on. You will never even know they were there.

Systems Create Success

Using a professional capture page system allows you to get more people to promote your offer to. When the page is done correctly, your visitors can’t even tell which company you represent. This is exactly what you want so that they will opt in. The last thing you want to do is spend money on advertising just to lose a lead because you revealed your opportunity or product BEFOREĀ  they left their information.

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The Cap-Land-Corp Method

A good marketing system will focus on taking your visitors to your presentation video. You want to let the system do all the telling and selling for you. This way, you don’t have to learn how to be a presenter. The my capture page system has created video landing pages for a number of online businesses. They even have generic pages to use with any business of your choice. Here is a sample of what you can expect with this amazing marketing system.

  • Includes an autoresponder that can be used with Aweber, GetResponse, TrafficWave & GVO
  • Professionally written email campaigns
  • Contact manager that organizes your contact based on which capture page was used
  • Domain masking to ensure your referral links are protected
  • Use as many capture pages as you like to promote multiple streams of income

Get 3 And It’s Free

I have tested out several of these capture pages and they convert very well. When you have 3 active referrals, the company will waive your monthly fee. They do not pay commissions on referrals. However, they will simply not charge you as long as you have 3 active referrals. This is a great system to pass along to your team. These capture pages will set you apart from everyone else in your company. To get started, click the link below!

>>> Grab A Copy Of This Plug-N-Play System <<<